Public Affairs Data Journalism, Fall 2017

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Week 10, Day 19: 2017-12-05

Exam Part #1

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Project Check-In #1

About COMM 273D


About this class

Location and Time

McClatchy Hall (Building 120), Room 410

Tuesdays and Thursdays
1:30 to 2:50PM
September 26 through
December 7, 2017


Dan Nguyen, Lorry I. Lokey Visiting Professor in Professional Journalism

Office Hours

Room 342, McClatchy Hall
Monday and Wednesdays
2 to 4PM, or by appointment


Accountability journalism has always relied on efficient and purposeful observation, analysis, and investigative drive. The ubiquity of high-powered networked computers today makes the work both easier and yet even more necessary for the modern journalist.

Students are expected to become proficient in research and database programming and, as a result, attain the practical experience and wisdom necessary for real-world empirical journalism projects.

Prerequisite: Journalism M.A. student or permission of the instructor.

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