Background reading on Lena Groeger

Lena Groeger, investigative journalist and news applications developer at ProPublica, will be speaking on Tuesday, Oct. 10 about her career path, her work, and her thoughts on data and investigative journalism.

Please spend some time this weekend to familiarize yourself with her work. Not for her sake, as she has plenty of important info and wisdom to share, but because there’s a lot of inspiration and insight to be found in her essays and visualizations.

Lena’s expertise and accomplishments are wide-ranging and impressive to the point of being intimidating. But she was a student and a novice just as most of us were/are. Her road toward investigative journalism and programming was not manifest destiny. Definitely take the opportunity to ask her career questions/advice. But I also highly recommend reading these interviews she’s given in the past about how she got into journalism:

Below are a few stories/essays/visualizations from Lena’s extensive portfolio. I’m not compelling you to write a homework essay to prove you did some reading, because I think you’ll find Lena’s articles to be obviously worth reading for your own inspiration and edification.

Plus – especially her visualizations and design essays – it’s just some of the most accessible and enjoyable reading you’ll find in data/investigative journalism.