Guest Speaker: Jeremy Singer-Vine [Oct. 24]

Jeremy Singer-Vine is the data editor for the BuzzFeed News investigative unit.

His homepage:

He’s abstaining from Twitter, but has a prolific Github account.

He also maintains BuzzFeed News’s Github account, which has one of the best listings of open-source news projects.

He also runs the Data is Plural newsletter:, which I strongly suggest you sign up.

Like every respectable data journalist, he uses spreadsheets to manage his content and notes for Data is Plural

Please read before Oct. 24

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The first story in the WSJ series that was a 2014 Pulitzer Finalist in National Reporting: A forgotten legacy of nuclear buildup

And check out the interactive database he built for the project: Waste Lands; America’s forgotten nuclear legacy

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And pick a few more stories of interest from his BuzzFeed author page.